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The warrior with no master, a RONIN sets the precedence for unrivalled performance and raw untamed power. 

Taking everything we have learned over the years of building, racing and prototyping, the RONIN combines instantaneous throttle response with linear steering feedback. A near endless lean, with increasing resistance through the turn allows you to throw your weight down and corner to your hearts content. An optimised drivetrain allows you to out-accelerate and out-brake the competition, utilising high RPM and low rotational weight. 

Electronics system features LoRa tech to maintain connection in busy areas, and takes advantage of 6-step commutation for reliable power delivery under high strains. Thermal throttling begins at 85°C and Safely shuts down at 100°C.

Be sure to choose your grip with an automatic discount at checkout, and any optional accessories you wish to add on. If you are after something special, just ask!

Graphic customisation at your fingertips. 

12.9 grade steel alloy hardware on carbon anti-sink plates


Optional telemetry with DAVEGA X display, thermal monitoring and individual parts tracking.

Designed with upgradeability and modularity in mind, this is the perfect starting point in an ecosystem made to outperform.

Current build Features:

  • Chassis: 40 inch maple/fibreglass 
  • Wheels: Cyclone CNC 6061 
  • Tyres: Cyclone 165mm 
  • Trucks: Boardnamics RKP 270mm CNC 6061
  • Bushings: Riptide Krank 90A
  • Motors: Reacher/Radium 6485 
  • ESC: 60V/320A based on VESC
  • Battery: 12S6P Li-ion 21700
  • Remote: LoRa with LED indicator
  • Charging: 8A fan-cooled
  • Bearings: Japanese deep groove
  • Hardware: Grade 12.9 steel alloy bolts/Fiberglass HTD5M belts/Grade 8 steel alloy nuts

Performance Specs:

  • Drive configuration: dual motor RWD
  • Motor potential: 10,000W
  • Battery potential: 7,700W
  • Battery Capacity: 1036Wh 
  • Max Range: 57km
  • Min range: 33km
  • Torque: 48Nm 
  • No-load RPM: 10,000
  • Weight: 18Kg


    This product is made to order and can take up to 8 weeks to be finished. We will be in contact with you each step of the way. This product is not suitable for off-road or wet weather conditions. Should there be any concerns or custom enquiries email Please review the liability waiver before purchasing.